Skills For Growing An Online Business - SEO, Social Media and Hiring Good Tech Talent

Roger Dickey (Angel Investor and former GM of Zygna), Taso Du Val (CEO of TopTal) and Andrew Masanto and Gael Breton (Directors at Higher Click SEO Company) and will be coming to Wharton on the 11th October 2011 to share their knowledge on “Skills For Growing An Online Business - SEO, Social Media and Hiring Good Tech Talent”.

If you have ever had an aspiration to start or lead a web based business, or if you simply want a better understanding of how to enhance the internet or web presence for a bricks and mortar business, this is a talk not to miss.

Details of the talk topics and the individual speakers are below.

Roger Dickey

Roger Dickey is a serial entrepreneur & angel investor. Roger’s first company was an Airbnb for tutoring, started in Austin in 2006. His foray into the game industry began in 2007, when he started a facebook app company and worked quickly, building 19 apps with the largest game driving over 10M daily pageviews. Within 8 months, this startup was bought by Zynga, and Roger went on to found Mafia Wars which reached 45.5M users by 2010. He also founded FishVille and 5 other titles in his 3 years at Zynga. Lastly, Roger served as an international product team advisor for Zynga, helping the company grow their games in India, Japan and China. Since leaving Zynga he has started a new company in San Francisco.

Alongside his work at Zynga, Roger began angel investing and advising startups in June 2010. His investments include Facebook, Addepar, DotCloud, E La Carte, Internmatch, HiGear, Ecomom, Speakertext, Wanderfly and more.

Roger will be speaking on the topic of “How to de-risk your startup”.

Taso Du Val

As an early and lead engineer at Fotolog (Acquired by Hi-Media for $100m), Slide (Acquired by Google for $228m), and his own companies, Taso has had a wealth of experience in hiring top tech, management and engineering talent. His most recent business - TopTal brings this ability to hire to the forefront of innovative businesses all over the world. While running a small engineering consulting firm, Taso recognized that while many of his co-workers overseas were just as good as his friends and colleagues at Google, Facebook, and other companies with notable top engineering talent, it was simply impossible to find more of them. TopTal was thus created as a solution to the sky-rocketing demand for top engineers in Silicon Valley, US, and Europe despite the shrinking local graduation rates of such engineers.

Taso will be discussing the ins and outs of hiring tech talent for your business - be that start up or international conglomerate.  He’ll also touch upon the different types of entrepreneurial routes one can take and what sort of lifestyles they lead to.

Andrew Masanto and Gael Breton

Andrew Masanto and Gael Breton are co-founders of Higher Click. Andrew and Gael successfully founded and ran several online companies, including Height Increasing Altitude Shoes, the UK’s largest online retailer of mens Elevator Shoes. The success of their businesses came from SEO and PPC work, which led to their current SEO Company - Higher Click. Many of their companies and clients (which include the likes of, and others) now rank at the top of Google for competitive keywords.

Andrew and Gael will be talking about Search Engine Optimisation and getting the most out of your website.